Soil Testing Sunshine Coast  

The soil test or site classification report includes site inspection and 2-3 shallow tests to assess subsurface soil conditions. Also, the site classification report is suitable to use as primary data for structural engineers to design footings for residential projects. As a result, the soil tests are performed in accordance with Australian Standard AS2870-2011 residential slabs and foundations.  

Cost of Soil tests on Sunshine Coast

Due to the number of boreholes and depth of tests, the cost of site classification reports varies. For small residential dwellings, small extensions, and new sheds or pools, 2-3 boreholes should be sufficient to find out the site classification and it costs around $450-$550 for flat sites. Each site has its own different type of soil and strength. Structural engineers or designers should never use the soil test from neighboring properties as each site is unique in terms of soil type and site classification.

What is site classification?

Each site has an appropriate site classification for footing design in accordance with   

AS2870-2011 (refer Table 1).

     Table 1 – Definition of Site Classifications (Australian Standard AS2870-2011)

AMost sand and rock sites with little or no ground movement from moisture changes
SSlightly reactive clay sites with the only slight ground movement for moisture changes (ys<20mm).
MModerately reactive clay or silt sites, which can experience moderate ground movement from moisture changes (y20-40mm).
H1Highly reactive clay site, which can experience moderate to high ground movement from moisture changes (y40-60mm)
H2Highly reactive clay site, which can experience high ground movement from moisture changes (y60-75mm)
E   PExtremely reactive sites, which can experience extreme ground movement from moisture changes (ys>75mm) Class P – problem sites: ground movement as a result of moisture change may be very severe, you will need to consult a structural engineer before building a new house.

ys: Characteristic Surface Movement

The standard site classification report in Sunshine Coast will address;

  • Subsurface conditions and interpreting the borehole tests.
  • The existing soil classification is in accordance with AS2870-2011.
  • Any earthworks required to obtain a classification suitable for development.
  • Groundwater if it’s encountered.
  • Borehole location plan.

The cost of a geotechnical investigation report on the Sunshine Coast

A quantitative geotechnical investigation report in Brisbane suburbs is required for complicated sites, sites prone to landslide and slope failure, and commercial projects. The investigation and reporting are needed by local authorities and structural engineers to confirm requirements for complex sites and commercial sites. Depending on the size and complexity of each project, the geotechnical investigation will typically consist of:

  • Shallow ground testing to 2.0-3.0m depth including Auger holes, shear vane tests, and Dynamic Penetrometer Tests (DCP).
  • Deep ground testing, which will include cone penetrometer tests (CPT) to a minimum of 15-20m below ground level where ground conditions allow, or Machine Borehole Tests, where CPT tests cannot be undertaken.

The price for a geotechnical investigation and reporting is highly variable, so unforeseen conditions may require further excavation, laboratory testing of soils, and external peer review.

For any quote, please contact our Brisbane branch and email us at [email protected]. For super urgent jobs, the turnaround time can be reduced.

Slope Stability Report on Sunshine Coast

The scope includes site inspection for a preliminary assessment of site stability and geohazards and carrying out shallow testing to assess ground condition followed by preliminary reporting including soil logs and a site plan.  

The investigation and report will be required by local authorities and structural engineers to confirm foundation options and retaining wall design requirements. Two-three 3.0 -4.0m deep hand augers, Dynamic Penetrometer Tests, and shear vane tests will be undertaken subject to the size and land area.

The geotechnical report will include but is not limited to:

  • Subsoil ground conditions and soil profile,
  • Foundation Recommendations, or recommendations for further testing
  • Slope stability assessment using geotechnical Finite Element software

Thus a preliminary estimate of the price for the slope stability report within Brisbane is between $1,800 – $6,000 subject to the complexity and land size.

Soil Testing Sunshine Coast